Cured Smoked Sausage

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Consisting of the choice of the best pieces of meat, legs and crosses, this cured smoked sausage is the ex-libris product of Fercarnes. Its flavor is soft, very soft, slightly salty and smoked, known as Oriola’s Paiola is a traditional Alentejano smoked sausage.

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Product Description

Suggested consumption:

Tasting in very, very thin slices.


Conservation tips After opening:

At home you can pack in the refrigerator using some techniques that safeguard the appearance of molds and at the same time ensuring the freshness of the product
(to avoid drying too much),wrap product after cutting on a leaf of fresh lettuce, then in aluminum foil and store in the less humid part of your refrigerator, eg: door.

Additional information

Weight 0.415 kg

Packaged in a controlled atmosphere with protective film.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Approximate weight

300g/ unit, piece: +/ 1kg, Unit: 500g


6 Months after package