Sales Policy

The purchase of articles in the online store is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) The description, image and any other information of a product presented in the online store can be changed without prior notice. The images that illustrate each product may differ from the product delivered. Some products may have an incorrect price, which is why we check the prices whenever you process the orders. Consequently, the prices presented on the website are merely indicative and do not constitute a contractual offer.

2) All prices quoted in online stores are subject to changes without notice and are always subject to stock information.

3) Under the current Portuguese legislation, it is mandatory to add the value of VAT to the legal rates of 6%, 13% and 23% for all products. The prices shown in the online store always include VAT, except exceptions where “No VAT” information should be visible and next to the product.

4) In case we can not provide the order of a client in whole or in part for immediate despatch, the customer will be contacted immediately in order to decide the most appropriate procedure to solve the situation.

5) Special promotions posted to the online store may not apply to the physical store or Retail.

6) All orders placed through the online store and that the payment of which is not settled within a maximum of 72 hours, will be canceled.

7) For orders ordered in the Online Store after confirmation of the payment by the customer, a period of up to 5 working days is foreseen for their preparation for shipment, unless there is a stock breach. Fercarnes is not responsible for the delay of the Carrier in the delivery of orders, however an average period of up to 7 days in the territory of mainland Portugal and up to 30 days for other zones is expected. All products shipped by the carrier must be checked upon delivery. If you find that your order is damaged, you should contact Fercarnes immediately.

8) The sale and shipping of products from the online store should include the rate of packaging of the products applied to each unit sold and transportation fee.

9) Sending orders to countries outside the European Community or that the transport fee is not included in the pre-established listing, the transport price must be consulted after contact with Fercarnes by email

10) The Return Policy of Fercarnes, provides that all products sent should be examined by the customer immediately upon receipt. Should any defect or problem be detected in the product, the customer must return it to the transport company, justify the reason for the return in the delivery note and notify Fercarnes immediately.

11) Fercarnes is not responsible for the shipments to countries where additional fees have to be paid or where the respective law does not allow the entry of Pork – being the responsibility of the customer to seize the respective order. In case of return of the products to Fercarnes will only refund the amount of the merchandise. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering.

12) We acknowledge to all our customers the right to terminate the contracts they have entered into with us, allowing for the return within 7 days of the products purchased pursuant to Decree-Law no. 143/2001 and Decree-Law 82/2008 of 20 / 05. For clarification of any doubt, request for additional information or sending of suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

13) All purchases made in the online store are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of interpretation of the Conditions and Sales Policies will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Court. In the event that the Client is outside Continental Portugal, we inform that any judicial proceeding must be exclusively established in the Portuguese Courts.

14) Under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of art. 18 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September, we inform that the available ADR entity is the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center of Lisbon, with the following contacts:

Address: Faculty of Law of the New University of Lisbon – Campolide Campus 1099-032 – Lisbon

Telephone: 21 384 74 84 (from 15h to 16h)

Phone number of the General Directorate of Consumer: 707 788 787


These general conditions of sale online can be changed without prior notice and should therefore be consulted before any order is placed.