enchidos regionais

Tradition Group

It is a sausage made up of lean meat and fat in a mixture of small pieces. Its flavor is light and salty. It is a casing coated with natural casing and cured in traditional smokestack (holmwood).

This product is packed to protective atmosphere in pack 6/7 units or individual. Meat chorizo can be consumed raw, cooked, roasted or fried, being a barbecue product par excellence.

Consisting of pieces of meat from the legs, blades  and bloody meats, to which is added a little fat, blood and seasonings that give it a velvety texture. Of darker color and flavor very flavored by the diverse spices used.

Product of excellence, the ex-libris of Fercarnes, also know in regional market by "Oriola's Paiola". For its composition are chosen the best pieces of pork, which give it a very smooth consistency, even if it is white pig. Its texture as well as its name suggests, is due to the long process of cure in traditional smoked and natural cure (average 45 days of cure), originating a product of great quality, excellent for slicing very thin for sandwiches or entrees.

The pork tenderloin is an essentially lean piece of meat, so it originates in an exclusively thin skillet, ideal for lovers of potentially "light" products. Its taste is very pleasant and its texture consistently, little salty where the ingredients are confused with the flavor of the own meat, its color is light pink.

* The value of kcal is similar to chicken meat and the value from the cholesterol point of view is lower because pig fat is mostly on the surface of the skin, which makes it easy to isolate and remove, content.

Consisting of a mixture of lean and fat meat, cut into small fragments, its flavor is slightly salty and smoky mild, its color is reddish and the texture semi-rija.

sausages with history


Know it from the inside and how you can make it!

sausages with history


Know it from the inside and how you can make it!

Extra Group

Consisting of lean meat and streaked instead of fat, being a leaner product. Taste slightly smoked and slightly salty, leaner than traditional, but of similar color and texture.

Consisting of lean meat and fat in small fragments. Its flavor is pleasant where it denotes the smoked, its color is orange and bright and its texture smooth.

Consisting of lean meat and fat in small fragments. In this sausage is added a key ingredient piripiri, which gives it a pleasant spicy taste.

Flour Smoked Sausage Group

Composed of greased, fat and wheat flour, this stuffed soft pulp has a very sui generis flavor different from any stuffed in any part of the world, with an intense aroma very well, fruit of the spices added and the cure in wood fumeiro of hollow

Excellent accompaniment in traditional Portuguese or Portuguese Feijoada. Before cooking try it with a fork so that it does not burst.

A farinheira is more than a sausage, it is a mixture of wheat flour, chili pasta and spices, to which is added a little fat and intermixed and to give it a special flavor we add a key ingredient typical of the Mediterranean cuisine, the Oregano which give it an even more powerful taste, but very pleasant.

More than a mixture of wheat flour, chili paste, spices, fat and entremeada, to this flour add cinnamon, which gives it a very special flavor.

Do you know that ...


Sausages should be kept in a cool and dry place, after being opened they should be consumed within three months.

Group + Health

For its composition are chosen the best pieces of meat, giving it a smooth consistency. The soft texture is due to the long cure process in traditional smoker and natural healing. Designated of garlic and salt, because it does not contain paprika mass which reduces the salt content substantially, in order to offer the consumer a more subtle and healthy sausage.