Prospecting of Portuguese products to import into Brazil
Travel to Portugal by Oscar Daudt

Portel products

Continuing with the prospection of Portuguese products to be imported into Brazil, Adrimar Importadora went to Alentejo, in the region of Portel, where we were waiting for a series of visits to the factories of sausages, cheese, olive oil and, of course, wines … .

The sausage factory

The first visit was to Fercarnes, an impressive company of production of packed meats and sausages produced from the Alentejo pigs, the famous Black Pok. The hygiene care is total and, to visit the facilities, we had to wear aprons, caps and protectors for shoes. Unsurprisingly, the environment is a compulsive cleaning and the unsuspecting who was teleported there could swear that it as from a UTI. We visited the factory outside of production hours, but we had the dazzling vision of the smoked sausage and other sausages hanging from their healing process, by the hundreds. The desire was to prove them all. Unfortunately, in that sterile environment, this was unthinkable behavior. But at night we would still have beautiful surprises … You can see the full report here on the Enoeventos website

Oscar Daudt